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INFOBUCK.COM...Developing Technology in Healthcare

INFOBUCK.COM submitted a suggestion to the Carilion Biomedical Institute for on-site pre-packaging/bar-coding, providing greater medical efficiency. With drug pre-packaging/bar-coding, money is saved and safety is increased for medical/drug outlets. We are currently seeking qualified personnel to share this concept with pharmacy directors  around the globe.  Click onto http://infobuck.com/custom.html for details. INFOBUCK.COM is currently doing research in retail market distribution of pharmaceuticals.  Information on the new talking disposable medication bottle can be received by clicking www.rxtalks.com. The new MILT 32 software is recommended for labeling and reporting options,click onto www.medidose.com.  Also analyzing the trend of  retail convenience in getting customer/patient prescriptions filled and stored for anytime pick-up in a kiosk. Click onto www.asteres.com.  Do a quick cost comparison of  prescribed medications by clicking onto http://www.pharmacychecker.com  Independent Contractors needed as a survey analysts today. Click onto http://infobuck.com/custom.htmlFor a list of the top 50 prescription medications check out the Institute for the Advancement of Community Pharmacy by clicking onto http://www.advancepharmacy.orgINFOBUCK.COM has developed EMIC (Emergency Medical Identification Cards) and is currently distributing prototypes throughout the United States. Virtual Reality Game Technology used to alleviate pain http://www.news-medical.net and in rehabilitation programs http://www.medicinenet.com Veterans save money on prescription drugs with the Veterans Administration click onto http://www.va.gov/1010ez.htm Access the following topics: Generic Competition to 2009, World Generic Market Report, Generic Market Analysis, and Growth Strategies in Generics by clicking onto http://www.the-infoshop.com The FDA requires electronic drug labeling to be accessible through the National Library of Medicines "DailyMed," a clearinghouse. Click http://dailymed.nlm.gov or "Google" DailyMed for more information. Nano Drug Delivery-The Impact of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery: Global Developments, Market Analysis and Future Prospects. http://www.the-infoshop.com  INFOBUCK.COM offers the manual that permits an immediate turn-key business for anyone interested in developing healthcare technology. Click onto http://infobuck.com/about.html to find out more. EMIC recommends having your medical bills reviewed by a Medical Billing Advocate of America http://billadvocates.com Information on US Pharmaceutical Packaging Markets/Plastics for Healthcare Packaging/Pharmaceutical Packaging:Trends Driving Innovation and Market Opportunities, click onto www.the-infoshop.com  Market Trends: http://www.rntobsnonlineprogram.com  EMIC offers customer assistance in the Medicare Part "D" scramble, rate your drug plan, click onto http://www.medicaredrugplans.com Diabetes Management Market, Worldwide www.the-infoshop.com/study/med34301-diabetes.html  Get "drug reports" from "Consumer Reports" by going to the web site http://www.CRBestBuyDrugs.org and click onto "Drug Reports", scroll to the classification according to your prescribed needs. For current updates on healthcare/pharmaceuticals click onto http://www.the-infoshop.com click on to the "search" tab and enter "healthcare" or "pharmaceuticals".  For drug companies that have free medication programs, click onto www.pparx.org. Cancer Therapies to 2009, Worldwide Market for Cancer Therapies, Cancer Therapeutics Market Outlook, New Concepts in Cancer Therapeutics; Emerging Vaccines and Therapies...Analysis of Technological Trends, Cancer Diagnostics: Technology and Business Trends, click onto http://www.the-infoshop.com Needle-Free Drug Injection Systems and Safety Syringes: The Market for Alternatives to Traditional Needle-Based Delivery; The World Market for Over-the-Counter Healthcare, click http://www.the-infoshop.com. Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Health Care Services for Virginians Resource Guide, "Google" ClasActVirginia.vdh.virginia.gov.   The use of robots in healthcare:  http://www.kineticconsulting.co.uk/robots.html Global Vaccines Market/The World Market for Vaccines...Stem Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine: Current Applications and Future Possibilities...Commercial Insight:Generic Cancer Market-New Legislation and a Wave of Patent Expires to Transform the Market...The Biotechnology Market Outlook: Growth opportunities and effective strategies for licensing and collaborations...In Vitro Diagnostics to 2009...Reagents and Supplies in Biotechnology...World Pharmaceutical Packaging to 2009,The Women's Health Outlook to 2008: Market and pipeline analysis of major female disorders, World Guide to Bionanotechnology Industry and Its Progression, North American Emergency Telemedicine Markets, Advances in Point-of-Care Technologies, Pharmaceutical Licensing Strategies: Best Practices in deal-making, valuations, and strategic management, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Market Entrance Strategies: Pricing, Reimbursement, and Parallel Trade, Pharmaceutical Growth Opportunities in the EU Accession States: Healthcare reform, market dynamics and key players, click http://www.the-infoshop.com State of Illinois provides comprehensive healthcare for kids, click http://www.allkidscovered.com Keeping Health Care Fraud in check, click http://www.nhcaa.org Get information on Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Osteoporosis, Cancer, Overweight, HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Hepatitis C, "Google" Roche Health-Kiosk Get answers to personal healthcare questions, go to www.goaskalice.com Merck's Prescription Discount and Program for the Uninsured at www.merckhelps.com Revolution Health Group...a paradigm for the future of healthcare, click www.revolution.com Anatomy, Biology, Nanotechnology, Physics...click www.3Dscience.com For free health screenings, click www.lewis-gale.com Your state's health data, click www.statehealthfacts.org Click http://www.fda.gov/ for info about the Generic Pharmaceutical Association and the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Live Surgical Video, click www.OR-Live.com. Click www.medlineplus.gov for the National Library of Medicine. The Harvard Report on Life Expectancy www.globalhealth.harvard.edu, select the featured publication:"Eight Americas." Healthcare Comparison Shopping www.healthgrades.com. Over 500 communities of support available at http://www.dailystrength.org. The Voice for Health Care Consumers http://www.familiesusa.org For dental care click http://www.chyz.com The Institute for Safe Medication Practices click http://www.ismp.org The Certified Medical Representatives Institute click http://www.cmrinstitute.org Nursing Assistant Guides http://nursingassistantguides.com/ Nursing Career Resource http://bestonlinerntobsnprogram.com/





Thesis: "The Dynamics of a Good Business Suggestion"

 Who should use pre-packed medications? All medical/drug outlets. Why should all medical/drug outlets use pre-packed medications? It is safer and it saves money. A cost survey was completed by INFOBUCK.COM for one of eight hospitals in the Carilion Health System, which is now the "Carilion Clinic."  Approximately fifteen thousand dollars was saved in one year for the Roanoke Memorial Hospital. This savings came as a result of pre-packing just the controlled meds versus buying the factory-packed narcotics from the manufacturer. Buying generic drugs in bulk is far more economical than getting the brand name from the vendor. Pre-packing on site meant that meds were individually sealed with a medically identifiable barcode, and approved by a pharmacist, before dispensing to the various outlets for patient use.  The dispensing nurse could verify the med via the barcode, insuring double safety before patient consumption.  This process is far safer than counting or pouring from bottles. Trend analysis shows that retail outlets such as large drugstore chains could save their customers an average 25%-50% on the cost of prescribed medications by means of pre-packing.  To receive a free copy of the cost-savings survey, click onto http://infobuck.com/custom3.html Why traditional undergraduate education poses a learning liability, click http://infobuck.com/contact.html


Here's an available option in the Roanoke Valley...   http://fasttrackhc.com




Attention: Emma Holmes, Community Editor

University of Missouri

Kansas City's RN-BSN




c/o Mary Johnson, RN-BSN

Agoura Hills, CA 91301


Social Security Disability Benefits




For additional information contact Alice Velasquez at TheSimpleDollar.com



SIMPLIMATIC AUTOMATION (Pharmacy automation) in Forest, VA...Simplimatic.com





Attention: Ashley Knowles

Outreach Coordinator


http://BestNursingDegree.com c/o Jenna Bell


http://degree.astate.edu  c/o Nici Sandberg...Senior Content Manager


To get your free Rx Discount Card, go to http://www.rxcut.com and click "Get your free card now."


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