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It began with my establishing my business in Roanoke...

INFORMATION IS POWER!! It's not what you have learned but how to apply what you've learned...thus, INFOBUCK.COM.

Battling each step of the way...the case before the Virginia Supreme Court.

July 16, 2018


Mr. Douglas B. Robelen
Chief Deputy Clerk
Supreme Court of Virginia
100 North 9th Street, 5th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219


Bobby L. Buck                       
Appellant-Pro Se
PO Box 12231
Roanoke, VA 24023


Shawn Michael Hunter
514 24th St. NW
Roanoke, VA 24017




                                                                Notice of Appeal
                                                             Case No: CL 17-2554


The reason for requesting a new trial is in Judge Broadhurst's response to the documents not tendered as exhibits at the trial of the Circuit dated in the Petition for Appeal, dated July 2, 2018. Copies enclosed.

These documents were submitted in the initial trial against the defendant in General District Court, to which the defendant having any knowledge of these documents and also Attorney Deborah Caldwell Bono was his attorney preceding this appeal. Therefore, felt Ms Bono would be needed to testify confirming the documents. Ms Bono's subpoena was quashed by Judge David Carson of which those documents would have been presented in Circuit Court had she been allowed to testify.

The other document to which Judge Broadhurst is referring goes to quashing of the subpoena for John Garland's testimony, to which City Attorney Tim Spencer stated "Councilman John Garland has no personal knowledge of the events involving Bobby Larry Buck and Shawn Michael Hunter." The grounds for disallowing John Garland's testimony are blatantly false.

Therefore, a new trial is requested, possibly with a jury.


Bobby L. Buck
CC: Circuit Court of the City of Roanoke





Government Corruption in Roanoke overlooked or possibly promoted by the local media such as in this photo featured at WFXR Television?

All proceeds from legal encounters will benefit the Bobby Buck's College Fund...


Was it purely coincidental that the Woods/Rogers Law Firm pledged $50,000 for the Roanoke-Blacksburg Accelerator Program (R.A.M.P.) that I mentioned earlier as being closely aligned with my concept/proposal to the Virginia Western Community College? Likewise, was it coincidental that the Woods Rogers Law Firm defended the Roanoke Times Newspaper for slander against my business start up in the valley? Finally, was it coincidental that the Woods Rogers Law Firm defended Carilion Clinic in not paying me for my concept in preventative healthcare technology which became INFOBUCK.COM thirteen years ago...currently with an "A+ Rating" with the Better Business Bureau of America? Time will tell...and for the record the current US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia is from the Woods/Rogers Law Firm and the latest out cry is stopping the rise of "white supremacy"...a smoke screen, if you ask me.

Healthcare is Lifelong Learning!

The role we play in taking care of our Senior Citizens...