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The INFOBUCK.COM Story...counteracting  government dependency constituting bureaucratic failure for American communities. We accept no local, state, nor federal subsidies. We are true entrepreneurs not "crony capitalists." 

Whistleblower steps up...  

Entrepreneur takes on "crony capitalism"??


Receives government welfare??


Following the "Bureaucratic Money Trail" whereby government administrators benefit from bureaucratic grants more than the individuals in need...political payoffs...nothing more, nothing less.


TAP's (Total Action Against Poverty, now Total Action for Progress) News Release not altogether accurate nor truthful by former chief administrator, Ted Edlich in receiving federal grants.


Government Grants for Ex-Convicts available as attempted to be presented by INFOBUCK.COM:

INFOBUCK.COM...recipient of national recognition, after signing up fifty ex-offenders at a job fair held in Mobile, AL.  

Bureaucracy finally sees the light...years after INFOBUCK.COM's vision.  


How we're implementing the "Second Chance Act" this time around...


INFOBUCK.COM was far ahead of the Obama Administration in the implementation of the "Second Chance Act" in the Roanoke Valley when working with the churches...yet, these churches got no financial assistance from the government; instead grants went to politically supportive bureaucracies with high priced administrators.



Government/Bureaucratic Corruption on the rise?



America's Concentration Camps and the eventual holding pens for rioters and others found participating in destructive disturbances...parents make your kids aware of this Jewish Front Group referred to as "Black Lives Matter."



What the Bible says about such a despicable brood... 

Truth about the BBB...a legitimized scam? 




In May 2011, INFOBUCK.COM successfully implemented the "Second Chance Act" at Bishop State Community College, in conjunction with the Department of Justice, signing up fifty ex-offenders by offering access to our business in preventative healthcare technology. We are replicating the program working with the Department of Justice and the Word of Life Community Church along the Gulf pictured here with the former director of the FBI and the pastor of the Word of Life. 

Why we require a HIPPA Background Security Check... 

Former "TAP" Administrator to the left claims that much of the grant money from DC goes toward administrative costs such as excursions and expenses.



Barack's Legacy...less than lukewarm in terms of entrepreneurism and even much less in terms of Black American economic independence.


When federally funded agencies are not held to account...taxpayers are the losers, despite Obama's remarks when he last visited Roanoke...if you built a business, you didn't do that without bureaucratic assistance? Booker T. Washington saw government dependency as an extension of servitude without achieving economic independence and thus, could this be why he sought economic independence over socially accepted assimilation?


INFOBUCK.COM has been working with churches in the Valley since 2006.

The application of forensics accounting...



An Ecumenical Council on Economics...Starting Your Own Bank.





I discovered that as a budding entrepreneur in the Roanoke Valley, that it was not easy to compete with political and bureaucratic agencies such as those run by Ted Edlich and Deloris Vest...when awash in funding from DC.   

Our exclusively owned online publication "The Roanoke" keeps you properly informed with regular posts...


All questions can be answered surrounding this investigation/discovery at