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Promoting Healthcare World Wide...  

INFOBUCK.COM offers a solution to the economic crevasse in American healthcare. Our service is provided 24/7...period. We find savings that the average consumer will not find in costs for prescription medicines, hospital costs, health plan costs such Medicare Part D, as well as auxiliary medical aid. We charge a small percentage of what we deliver in savings to the consumer for each year the consumer elects to continue with our program, no obligatory contract...period. If we can't find savings, we don't charge. Therefore, we can honestly offer without equivocation...free research analysis. 

The future belongs to the producers and here's why. It is the producer of goods and services that maintains the civilized world by generating economic and social progress. Competition adds fuel to this production engine in providing even better goods and services; thus, the cycle of progress continues in an upwardly mobile pattern. The bottom line is and always will be found in the results, not simply the marketing/promotion...in other words all glitz but no guts...aka "feet of clay".

INFOBUCK.COM seeks producers. The business demands a high degree of intelligence and an even higher degree of initiative and integrity. We are not moved by slick resumes, impressed by degrees and the letters behind your name, glib talking interviews, or superficial talking head commentaries...again all glitz and no guts. The premise for the foundation of this business is based on results as depicted in the links of this website. We are compensated by what we produce in results and those results are what we can save an individual. Consequently, we have a very satisfied clientele.  http://youtu.be/NuTxXuNQ3cQ  

Military veterans are eligible for financial assistance to become "Preventative Healthcare Technologists" click http://infobuck.com for details.  

DVD on Computer Trend Analysis emanating from the Federal decision in "Buck vs IBM" and converting that original concept of computer trend analysis to tracking healthcare conditions via preventative technology. "An ounce of preventative healthcare is worth a pound of expensive medical care...an unhealthy nation is a defenseless nation." 


The Centers for Disease Control   http://www.cdc.gov


Virginia Department of Health http://www.vdh.virginia.gov


United States Department of Health and Human Services  http://www.hhs.gov 

INFOBUCK.COM, owned by Bobby Buck, is actively striving to expand minority and women entrepreneurial aspirations in healthcare technology.  Please, e-mail your potential interest or questions to infobuck@juno.com, as well as browsing the links listed on the left of the page, as to our technological/preventative approach to the complex field of healthcare in the future.

Kukujoba Temitope, pictured above, is our representative in Nigeria.

The number of uninsured Americans reached 47 million in 2006 resulting in medical debt and premature deaths.  http://blogs.roanoke.com/medbeat/2011/05/214-virginians-died-dec-18-2009/

Technology opens the doors to advanced education...ignorance should play no part in your future. 


Free Online Worldwide Collegiate Courses via Yale, MIT, Notre Dame, and many more: http://ocw.mit.edu   http://open.yale.edu  http://ocwconsortium.org

Medical Coverage for the Uninsured  http://voicefortheuninsured.org/  

INFOBUCK.COM reached out to Hollins University graduate, Goma Karki, for assistance in improving healthcare in Nepal


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